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Foundation Issues and How to Detect it


The foundation of your home is not the most attractive aspect of your house but surely the most important one. If you are experiencing foundation issues in your house or property then you promptly need to call the experts of Kansas City foundation repair. Even the most insignificant foundation issue needs to be immediately addressed or else you’d run the risk of long term damage of your property.


What causes foundation problems?

Foundation issues can result from a number of factors the most important of which being inadequate soil and bedrock conditions. Residents of Kansas City surely know that the soil in this area consists of high level of clay which is prone to changes in the water content. Moreover the extreme weather of the Midwest is also a contributing factor to foundation problems. Other factors which impact the foundation of your property are soil moisture content, weak clay, poor soil compaction and concrete issues.

How to detect foundation issues in a property

Given below are a few important things to look out for while detecting the foundation problems with your home.

  1. Misaligned doors and windows is an indicator of foundation problems
  2. The doors might not stick or the latches might not shut properly
  3. The windows cannot be opened easily or you could find cracks in the glass
  4. Slanting floors and staircases are a sure indication of foundation problems
  5. Cracked and dry walls.
  6. Large cracks in the exterior of your home
  7. Gaps between the wall and the ceiling or between the wall seams
  8. Presence of water in the basement, the crawl space and in and around your home

Whenever you come across any such signs in your home or commercial property the first thing you need to do is give a call to Pier Masters- the best foundation repair service provider in Kansas City. Whenever you come across a crack or floor in your wall just contact us and we will be sending our representative who would visit your property, inspect it and tell you the best course of action. Pier Masters the most reputed foundation repairers of Kansas City would offer prompt remedies for crack repair, foundation settlement, caved in walls and waterproofing. Remember that the foundation is like the skeleton of your property which is why you should take special care of it.

Why go for the foundation repair services of Pier Masters?

Pier Masters is one of the most trusted foundation repair service provider in the greater Kansas City area along with other cities of Midwest like Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa etc. There is no foundation repair job that they cannot execute successfully. With over 30 years of experience in the market they would take good care of the foundation of your home and ensure that it is restored within the shortest possible span of time. Their experts would visit your home with just one phone call and detect the root cause of your foundation repair issues. With Piers Master you can be rest assured that your precious property is in the best hands.