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Law Exists In Its Practice By People


In 350 B.C, the great Greek philosopher voiced his views about the value of law. He had said, “The rule of law is better than the rule of any individual” and these words resonate in the present understanding and practice of this system called the law. It constitutes of a set of rules, which the legislature makes for people to follow. At present every country, state, a city across the globe have their own set of rules to maintain coherence in the society. There are few rules made to retain peace and harmony amongst nations, to avoid war in all circumstance, and meet at common conclusions.


Who represents law?

This huge system, involves the participation of legal and governmental bodies, like courts and parliaments, an accountable executive, military and police, bureaucratic organizations, the legal profession and the society. Legal profession plays a very important part in this system. This is the profession for which certain candidates study law in every minute detail, and represent people who are unaware of many of the rules and regulations. Addressed as lawyers they represent people’s legal problems, in the court and help them get justice.

These lawyers play the role of a bridge between common people and the body of law. They take their profession seriously and with absolute honesty. To become a lawyer is not the cup of tea for everyone. Some of the lots go through the selection procedure, after giving a set of exams. They then receive three to four years of education, where they intake theoretical and practical knowledge of the law. Post the studies; they enter the court to start their practice of law, often assisting the established and experienced lawyers. This gives them opportunities to get ready to present their own clients in future.

About Law Systems

It has further divisions into branches and sub-branches that cover every aspect of life. The two main branches are constitutional law and ordinary law. The first one is the base of all set of laws. This law is written with detail in the constitution of every country. It determines the function, grants power and binds the different governmental bodies within a country. In here is the mention of every regulation set for the citizens, be it about their rights, freedom or duties.

The latter one that is the ordinary law is the making of government. They prepare rulebook full of policies and regulations, which the people are bound to follow. It involves how an individual should behave and work in coordination with the institutions, organization of the society. All this is to maintain order and discipline in the society and avoid any evil actions at all costs. Have further subdivisions: private law and public law. The first one involves behavioral conduct amongst two or more individuals, while the latter one maintains the relation between an individual and the state.

The above ones are just a few major divisions of law, however, it constitutes of many further sub-branches, which are equally important. A lawyer, the representative, prepares to handle any of these but often specializes in any one field. It is the responsibility of every member of the nation to follow law diligently.