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Understanding The VPS Services & Its Plans Offered By Dedicores.com


So, you have successfully settled your business. Before you go ahead with the website, you have to plan the web hosting services. Being a beginner, you have no clue as to what is web hosting. There are many technical acronyms involved in here. The most popular term that will hit your ears is VPS hosting. There are numerous companies providing for web hosting such as Dedicores.


VPS hosting when simplified refers to Virtual Private Server. Here, we will break down the acronym into three parts. First, consider the server. Server is where all your website data is stuffed in.


Then come the virtual arena of the acronym. This aspect diverge the server into numerous servers. This comes down to the benefits that we are using one hardware for several servers. Dedicores facilities can be vouched on.


Talking about the last aspect private, this deals with the server being your very own server. The data that is locked in the server is exclusively yours.


Numerous companies are providing their VPS plans to get you through VPS hosting services. The one name that strikes my mind is Dedicores, which is the best in the lot. Here the thing is, in order to go ahead with VPS hosting, you need to know the basic qualities that are super important to keep you afloat in the industry.


  • The servers of Intel, Dell and other big companies have been combined. Thus, there is a successful innovation.
  • Since all your important data is stored in the server, your utmost priority is its protection. Dedicores provide you with servers that are a way too safe to work on and gives you the required scalability.


The company provides you with some amazing VPS plan packages to go ahead with:


  • Beginners plan: Since you are just starting up with your business prospects here is the starter plan for you. Provision of c panel will ease out the work along with minimum storage of 2 GB RAM. Plan that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


  • Speed up the growth: Looking out to achieve success in a short span of time? With the increased storage of 4GB RAM and 75 GB enterprise storage, you are ready to touch the sky.


  • Optimizing the growth: This plan fits the requirement of all large-scale industry. Coming with hiked storage of 6 GB and 100 GB enterprise storage, along with 4 CPU cores, you can manage your business web hosting proficiently.


  • Dedication is the key: Opt for this plan if you are looking out for pros to handle your web hosting services. This VPS plan comes with 8 GB storage and 150 GB enterprise storage, you can work on like a boss.


One arena that is common in all these VPS plans is the 24/7 security. You can be sure on this one.


VPS hosting is surely a scary prospectus for your business. However, it is a sure way to go ahead. With Dedicores offering their best services, you can be sure of the quality. In nutshell, give a try to these plans and figure out the benefits of web hosting services on your own. With a maximum stability and top-notch performance, it is sure to be a pleasant experience for you.