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10 Destinations in the UK For a Long Weekend Trip

10 Destinations in the UK
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Check out this list of 10 great destinations in the UK for a long weekend trip.

The UK is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and has an abundance of beautiful getaways to offer visitors. Whether it’s getaways in England or a quick trip north of the border to Scotland you are looking for, the UK has plenty to offer. 

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best destinations for a long weekend trip in the UK> 

1: The Peak District 

The Peak District is one of the most beautiful parts of England and is the ideal spot for a weekend getaway. 

Conveniently located close to the middle of the country, the Peak District is home to many charming little towns including the likes of Bakewell and Tideswell. it is also home to some of the nicest vintage stores in the entire country. 

2: The Lake District 

Rivalling The Peak District in terms of national beauty is the Peak District. Towns like Kendal, Ambleside and Keswick are all excellent bases to use to head out and discover the area’s stunning lakes, mountains and scenery. 

3: York 

Yorkshire is one of the nation’s most beautiful and diverse counties and there are few cities there that rival York in terms of architecture and history. The city is one of England’s finest and is an excellent place to spend a long weekend. 

4: Devon 

Devon is located in the South of the UK and is one of the most popular counties to visit in the summertime. Aside from beautiful beaches though, the county also offers some excellent cities in the shape of Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay and several others. 

5: Bath 

The historic town of Bath is best known for its stunning architecture and its historic baths. It is a nice and compact city that is perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway. 

6: Edinburgh 

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland is one of the most beautiful and historically significant countries in the UK. From the Royal Mile to the Arthur’s Seat, the city offers some of the most stunning locations in the UK. It is also home to one of the UK’s most enjoyable cultural festivals, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

7: Shropshire 

One of the UK’s most underrated counties is Shropshire. The Midlands-based county features a wealth of beautiful and quaint little towns like Ironbridge, Bridgnorth and the county town, Shrewsbury. if it’s an old Dickensian England you are looking for, then Shropshire is the place for you. 


Home to the world’s most famous university, Oxford is one of the most popular cities to visit in the UK. Located just north of London, the city boasts architecture that is difficult to beat anywhere in the world and the city and the university are dripping in history. 

It is also home to the great hall from Hogwarts and is the perfect spot for Harry Potter enthusiasts. 

9: London 

No list of great British locations would be complete without mentioning the nation’s capital city. London is one of the most exciting cities and the world and there are countless possible ways you can spend a weekend in the big smoke. 

10: Cornwall

When the sun comes out in the UK, there are few places as great to be as Cornwall. The region has a distinct cultural identity of its own and is home to some of the most beautiful seaside towns in the UK. 

It is also at the very end of the country and is home to the Lands End landmark.