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Top 5 Cities to Visit Without a Car


Let me make this clear first. When we talk of cities to visit without a car we do not necessarily mean that the cities have no roads to accommodate the size of a car, but rather the city has alternative means of transport (bikes, walk, taxis and public transport) that would enable you visit all the places you so desire and have a memorable time.

It is many people’s desire to visit the United States and tour its attractions free of driving cars their own cars. If you want to visit a city without a car, here are the best five cities of United States for car free vacations.

San Antonio Texas

This city is known for its historic preservations. Visitors touring can have the opportunity to see the Spanish 17th colonial mission while on their bicycles for just $10 a day or visit down town and see magnificent historic art village of la Villita historical art village by trolley for $4a day or $1.10 one way. Other car free tour destinations are, for just $10 per day, you can sail around the lovely San Antonio River, and make 39 stops near foodie and cultural attractions like pearl brewery, new to the table Culinary Institute of America and Museo Alameda by Rio taxi and battery powered Seaways.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is the oldest capital in Mexico. It boasts of its present 401 history, ranging from its well-preserved buildings and unique Spanish pueblo revival architecture to its ever-flourishing cultural art scenes. Your available own car free means of transport include public transit made of buses, trains and free downtown shuttles.

Located in mellow Velo are three speed city cruisers for rent at only $20 a day. It is also the best place to obtain maps and tips for riding on six safe bike trails and more. Other great car free sites for tourists are, for just $8 per day, New Mexico rail runner express, self-guided gallery walks along Canyon Roads. Out of the car exploration of Georgia O’Keeffe museum, hike at the Sangre de Cristo Mountains or shopping at the railway’s farmers market in this creative city of UNESCO gets you fit apart from helping you save.


Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore identified for two-wheel drive contains 250 bikes in 25 stations giving you a very economical, healthy and exiting way of touring this city. Other car free means apart from bikes include, the eco friendly charm city circulator’s free shuttle services that will get you touring this city historic Fell’s point, Inner Harbor and Federal Hill. For only $10, you can ride on Ed Kane Water Taxis and get to visit 30 hot sports like Fort Mchenry, national Aquarium, Maryland science Center which are home to first America all electric car sharing Altcar.

Eugene, Oregon

Eugene and Portland are good examples of growth of bike culture in the North West pacific. As the saying goes, when you go to Rome do what Romans do, you can get yourself into cycling the 12 mile path along Willamette river, 89 miles on street bike lanes, 30 mile off street paths, pedestrian friendly bridges and five bike in your bid to have fun and discover the Eugene favorite haunts. You can also visit Osteria Sfizio, Lane Country Farmers Market downtown, modern Italian restaurant and Pedicab travel packages, all this places by the bike.


Scottsdale, Arizona

This is a city of celebrated C’s. Climate, cattle, copper, citrus and cotton. In its Sonoran Desert, you, get inspired by its Wild West beauty, richly preserved history and red rocks to maintain their carbon footprint light. If you are lodging at Hotel Valley Ho, you will have access to bikes or air cabs to help you tour the art galleries, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, free downtown trolley, newly built Soleri Bridge among others, all found within a radius of two mile. If you are planning tour Saguaro Cactus- studded horizon, professional outfitters 360 Adventure or My Arizona Guide will help you to have a revelatory day trip.