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Perform Quilting And Embroidery With Some Of The Best Sewing Machines


Sewing Machines may look like an apparatus, which performs the simpler day-to-day task of stitching clothes and apparels. For people thinking the same here is an eye-opener. Sewing Machines have turned the tables in the world of fashion and textile industries worldwide because of their contribution of stitching various designs and artifacts.

From embroidery to quilting, the sewing machine has arrived at the scene and made life simple for all the workers, and they barely need to adjust the needle position these days and let the devices do the work. These machines have been acknowledged worldwide and thus quilting, and embroidery today is not exactly as challenging or treacherous as it was some years back.

A Look at Some of the Popular Sewing Machines for Quilting and Embroidery

Quilting and Embroidery require a very specific sewing machine unlike the common ones, which can only stitch or create simple designs. Thus, elerevier.com presents the lists of the best sewing machine for Quilting and Embroidery.

  • Brother PQ1500SL: Many of its previous users regard this as a topper in the world of quilting sewing machines. Rightfully, the device keeps up with the word and delivers a wonderful example of why it is called so. The base capacity of the device is to deliver 1500 stitches in a minute is one astounding fact and rank number one speed clean straight stitches.


Quilting, in general, requires the user provides maximum control on the fabric material, and this is ensured but PQ1500SL as it comes up with extendable table, which facilitates  cope up with size and height adjustment issues as well. One more feather in the cap about this machine is the 4 feed dog settings and automatic presser foot, which allows the users to work for hands-free and focus more on design.


  • Brother HC1850: With the computerized sewing machine, spree is far too much these days and innovations complimenting them along the course, Brother HC1850 performs exceptionally when assigned to work on some seriously heavy-duty quilting operations. With about 8 different styles of the one-step buttonhole and 130 distinct builds in stitch patterns to offer, the performance of the machine is not at all compromised in any of these patterns.


The device also comes one cutting-edge automatic needle threading system, which comes with the backing of the Quick set bobbin system as well. Finally, the feed dog feature ensures to include more possible layers of fabric to be added to the mix and thus assures why HC1850 is one good option for heavy duty quilting tasks.


Quilting and embroidery are two of the most important forms of fashion and design works. These require in some serious work in terms of stitching and these above-mentioned sewing machines have stood up to the plate and have been performing stupendously and ensured to see plenty of takers for real, which has turned the jobs a lot easier and convenient to perform, without having to perform manually as like the older days.